The modern internet search engines are set to give us the answers that we want, not the answers that are true. The algorithms of Google, Youtube, Facebook are there to satisfy us, not to create doubt. We should be convinced rather than uncertain. The web makes it more difficult to absorb new things every day. Our fixed convictions tend to preserve. Nothing kicks us out of the ordinary… 

We learn, yes. We have an immense universe of information at our fingertips. The big web is an amazing place to find all kinds of facts.

But the new line of thinking, the thought that wasn’t already there, the aspect of the matter that makes us stop and reflect… And the knowing person that says:

 – Hey, you’re wrong. It isn’t like that! The facts say something else, you should check it out…

Those occasions happen more seldom for every day that passes.

Though we don’t pretend to be that knowing person… We’d like to be the caring friend saying:

– Do you know… Or are you just guessing?