Why on earth did we come up with such an idea as to just write about everything… And even try to be right about it?

The concept was a process. Through messages, phone calls, and real person-to-person meetings, and if we happen to be in the same country over a pizza or just a beer or a coffee, we agreed on three things…  

  • The future of the world is not about money. It’s not about political and military power, and maybe not even about the climate threat… It’s about information.
  • And information is becoming personal. When we search for the facts, we want to find the facts that correspond to our expectations. The extremely precise modern search algorithms are there to satisfy exactly that need. And it’s becoming more so every day. It’s increasingly difficult to be surprised. 
  • There is more fake news out there than ever before. Anybody can write anything about anything and the web is jam-packed with incorrect information.

What we want to do is correct all that by writing the true stuff, and explaining it the right way…

Nah, we’re actually not that overconfident. None of us has the answer to everything, or even to anything. We are not scientists or experts, or any sort of authoritative persons.

So then, who are we?

It’s actually not important who we are…

… Ok, I tell you anyway. My name is Bo. I’m from Sweden and there’s not much more to say about that. My two friends are Ethan and Luca. They are from the UK and Italy (guess who’s from where…). 

That makes three. We have different interests and we share the subjects between us depending on that. But it’s not like we are experts on anything. We just like to find out. We like to read, do research, talk to people, and find answers.  

Luca and I do not have English as our first language. And Ethan is not originally from England. So, there could be grammatical or stylistic imperfections in the text. We apologize for that. But, hey, we’re doing the best we can. Nobody could ever ask for more than that. 


Consider this website as a small effort for encouraging research, a tool for trying to find an accurate base for decisions. It is not an authoritative how-to blog from where you can get a complete palette of answers to everything you’d like to know. 

We want to inspire and maybe provoke a little. And if you find something here, something that you never knew,  something you couldn’t even imagine. Or something you doubt and you go elsewhere to find more accurate information… Then we have succeeded.